Saturday, April 30, 2016


I'm back, but I'm not nearly as impressive!

It has been a long time since I worked on this blog. Many probably felt that I had abandoned it. Fear not, Semi-true Believers! DC Heroes is never far from my thoughts or heart, I have only been elsewhere playing around with other games (FASA's Star Trek and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, mostly... I make it a rule to avoid any game younger than 20 years old, I guess.) and dealing with big, bad life.

Personal updates:
     -The black bunny that serves as my avatar passed away in October. His name was Billy and he was 9 years old. I still miss him and I bet I always will.

     -Angry Rabbit and Pretty Rabbit are, as of April 1st, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit! That is not actually an April Fool's joke, by the way. 
I am now Slightly Less Angry Rabbit! 

And speaking of April Fool's...
     -The new Star Wars movie shocked me. It was actually pretty good. I guess even that jack ass Abrams can make a good movie if he cares about it. It is a shame  he wiped his dick off on Star Trek.

     -The new Fantastic Four movie is literally the worst movie I have seen since Batman and Robin was shat out upon the big screen. It is a dull, witless, forgettable turd with absolutely nothing to recommend it. If you get the chance, skip it and watch Sharknado instead. It is a better film. No kidding. (Personally, I liked the first two FF movies pretty well.)

     -The six episode run of X-Files was awesome. The were-human episode has to be one of the funniest hours of television I have ever witnessed. The cliff hanger ending was breathtaking... I really hope they are planning to finish it.

Mr. Eisenberg?
     -Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor... Even the trailer activated my gamma-fueled rage. Now I want to see the world burn. Screw you, Zack Snyder. I guess I am still an Angry Rabbit, after all.

     -The New 52 still stinks. Even the cartoons are bad. Marvel has now lamentably joined the foul fray. Sigh. Oh well, comics are always for the younger generation, so us old folks are inevitably alienated. Still, I wish the younger generation would exhibit higher standards...

    -Elementary continues to be the best show on television. Penny Dreadful is pretty cool too.  

   -Deadpool rocked. Really looking forward to Civil War.

   -For those of you upset by Iron Man 3 and Trevor, you need to track down the Marvel One-Shot Hail to the King. It's a 15 minute video that will make you scream for Iron Man 4!

Blog updates:
          I have been working behind the scenes this whole time on DC Heroes and my Heroes' Handbook. The plan now is to finish up the core materials, convert it all to a pdf and print it up using the magic of Lulu! 
          Some of the bugs I have ironed out here on the blog:
-I added Density Increase and Growth (Always On) notations on several bad guys. I decided to use this after all. It's how DCH reflects scale.

-I revised Air Walking and Flight to include provisions for hovering and hyper/warp speeds, respectively. It has taken me a shockingly long time to figure out those two movement types, but I am finally satisfied. 

-I added the Gothic Curse drawback and made Petrifaction its own power.

-There are others, but they are similarly small fixes to long lingering problems. 

          Moving forward, I hope to be more active. Captain America: Civil War has me excited about superheroes again, so I'll try to use that momentum to finish off the DC Universe and begin an earnest foray into the mighty Marvel!

          As always, thanks to everyone who stops by and reads this blog. I hope it provides some fun and diversion to you all. Feel free to share it with other fans of this great old game and always feel free to comment or make requests!

Coming soon... The JSA.