Monday, March 24, 2014


Okay, so in the process of doing write ups for the X-Files and Star Trek I have realized I made a rather large error. Or two. Well, I hate no one so much as I hate someone who cannot admit a mistake, so here am I, admitting to a couple.

First of all, Disguise should have never been a part of the Spy skill. Every other subskill of Spy is technical in nature. I have thus revises the Spy skill, keeping the technical aspects of a disguise (the false IDs and photograph faking) and I have revised Charisma to include Disguises, which now seems so obvious to me that I can scarcely believe it took me so long to figure out.

Second of all, I realized that every computer I was writing up had Radio Communications (Internet Connection) and every starship had Radar (Lidar). That's usually a good sign that those bonuses should not be bonuses at all and should merely be part of the source power.

I will be revising every affected post on the site to reflect these changes. 

Oh, and I added another new power: Toxic Blood!

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