Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What the Pretty Rabbit chose!

For my Valentine's Day entries I decided to let my wife (and most loyal of gamers) choose what I would put on Exponential Heroes! Of course, anyone who knows her already knows what will be appearing here for the next three days...


The next three days will be dedicated not only to the heroes of Japan's greatest superhero team, but also to the stunning artwork from the talented woman who wrote and drew the manga-
Naoko Takeuchi!

I'm looking forward to this event not only because it makes Pretty Rabbit happy, but also because it provides a real chance to show off that the DC Heroes Roleplaying Game can do anything- even magical girl shojo manga! Also, I happen to be a big fan of the Sailor Moon series. It is a terrific superhero tale, well told and gorgeously illustrated. It is also an all-girl superhero team created, written, and drawn by a woman! 

Neither DC or Marvel can boast such an accomplishment!

The heroes of the series are not women as men see them, but women as they see themselves. They are all princesses, brave and beautiful with cool elemental powers who save the world. Unlike Disney princesses, they do not wait on their princes to save them. In fact, their princes may very well be the ones trying to kill them! They are superheroes, after all!

Anyone wanting to know more about Sailor Moon should read the newly-released manga from Kodansha Comics. It is a faithful and complete translation by the publishers of the original Japanese language editions. Volumes 1-8 are the best, covering the superb Dark Kingdom arc, Black Moon arc, and Mugen arc, which correspond to seasons 1-3 of the anime. These are the best by a long shot. The Dream arc is great in the manga but offensive for its use of inappropriate rape imagery in the anime. The Stars arc is weak and forgettable in both (not to mention bizarre). 

If you are watching the anime, be warned here:
I cannot emphasize enough that the English dubs of the Sailor Moon anime are among the absolute worst ever produced in North America. They make unnecessary edits to the series: rewriting or removing dialog, omitting episodes, changing almost all of the soundtrack, altering the relationships and characterizations of most of the characters, and completely rewriting plot-lines. Even if you normally like dubs, you will not like Sailor Moon and if you watch it, you will hate the series-- without ever even seeing it! Watch the subtitled anime with its original Japanese audio. It is worth your while.

Better yet- just read the manga. The book is always better than the movie*.


*Except for Jaws. That movie is so much better than the book.

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