Wednesday, February 26, 2014


You knew this was coming.

Once, long age, there was an age undreamed of... An age where comics were not $5 each, were not so dark and grim, were not so tragically, ironically British... An age where The Dark Knight Returns and The Watchmen were great, but were not the blueprint for every comic everywhere... 
DC's New 52 Presents... 

There were bright colors shining in four glorious processes... There were sound effects and thought bubbles... There were curious ads for Saturday morning cartoons and villains fighting to obtain Hostess pies... There was... 

Yes, before the Infinite Crisis, Civil Crisis, Identity Crisis, Zombie Crisis, Final Crisis, Secret Crisis, Mild Crisis, Dark Crisis, Etc Crisis... Before Blue Lanterns, Green Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Pink Lanterns, Neon Gold Lanterns, Yellow Lanterns, Plaid Lanterns, Chartreuse Lanterns, Black Lanterns, Floral Lanterns... Before every character in the 52 Universes was Batman in a different costume, there was only The Crisis on Infinite Earths, Green Lanterns, and one Batman that everyone was pretty sure was enough Batman to go around.
Visit this guy's webpage. He rules.

Hither came Giffen. And Maguire. And DeMatteis. And Austin. And probably others whose names didn;t warrant cover credits.

Hither came--


 Marching your way starting March 1st! A week long event celebrating the days of fun and funny in the funny books!

Never forget.

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