Friday, January 31, 2014

Great Caesar's Ghost-- What Was I Thinking?!?

At last, the end of my month-long celebration of 2014! I have written up stats for all of the classic JLA members, all the expanded members from the '90's roster, all the members of the Legion of Doom, both of Luthor's Injustice Gangs, and a few of the classic villains, classic supporting cast members, and people and pets. Oh, and I threw in 3 write ups of Conan the Barbarian, too! In total, I did 150 write ups in the month of January. 

I must have been high or something. Geeze. It's like having a second job! And the pay is even lousier!

I wanted to give anyone out there wanting to run DC Heroes a solid selection of characters to use in their game. I tried to offer in-depth looks at some characters that never seem to get all the crazy detail they need- Batman's utility belt and bat-garage, Superman's fortress and kryptonite, Wonder Woman's many accessories, and Green Arrow's trick arrows. I also tried to give important NPCs and major arch foes. All using my house rules. 

My aim was to show that my rules can work seamlessly into the game, even making things easier, like The General's defensive adaptation and The Lasso of Truth's ability to compel honesty. I hope that everyone liked what I did. Comments, suggestions, and requests are always welcome. If you did like what I did here, please go and share my blog with other fans of DC Heroes. My ultimate goal is to take over the world provide a place where fans of the World's Greatest RPG can come together and get solid stats for their favorites characters, look at astounding art from all over the web, behold cute girls in cute costumes, and generally, play.

Up next...
I don't know. I don't think I'll try to tackle 3-4 characters a day for an entire month, though. I am going to put some work in on the equipment list, generic NPC profiles, and monster manual, but those are all pretty sizable projects, so in the mean time, I'd like to keep putting up write ups. Maybe some folks from the House of Ideas. I'm open to suggestions, though... 
The Pretty Rabbit is picking out the Valentine's special event!

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