Friday, January 17, 2014

Bring On The Bad Guys!

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom...

Because what good's a hero without a villain to fight?

After 85 write ups for the good guys, it's time to turn to the dark side! Starting tomorrow I will profile some of the villains of the JLA, focusing on the Legion of Doom as seen in Justice, but offering stats for other evil-doers that have plagued the JLA through the ages!

I was going to do all the villains who appeared in the Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, and Joe Kelly runs on JLA, to keep things in line with what I did for the heroes, but let's face it- Morrison's villains are a bit on the esoteric side. They function primarily as plot devices and are almost always overcome with unusual circumstance. Waid's bad guys were hit and miss (though I really liked the Queen of Fables), and Joe Kelly's League of Ancients was cool, but kind of one-shot-ish. Besides, I figured the Legion of Doom presented enough of the classic bad guys to keep a solid campaign with almost any hero or group of heroes of the JLA going for a long time.

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