Monday, January 6, 2014

A Note on MY Write Ups!

It's not easy to be-he meeee!
I wanted to drop a post in to explain my approach to doing write ups. 

First of all, I am not trying to do a super-comprehensive write up that presents every storyline and minutiae of a character. That's really silly and, besides, I added Power Stunts specifically to deal with all those one-shot powers our heroes are always invoking to pull their fat outta the fire. Also, I assume that in some situations, a character is Pushing his abilities. For example, Superman's STR of 25 has been lowered to 22 because while he can lift and catch falling skyscrapers, I don't think it is very easy for him. I think he frequently Pushes his STR.
Yeah, because he didn't have enough powers...

Secondly, I always started with the official write up from Mayfair. While they are now many years out of date, they were created at the time with the official consent and involvement of DC itself, so they were accurate back in the day. I updated them to the 1990's versions of the characters because that was the period I most enjoyed in comics. I guess this means that the characters are all still woefully out of date, but I didn't like the Crisis-a-Week era of DC and I was bitterly disappointed in the New 52, so I'm going to pretend that pretty much everything after Identity Crisis never happened. I also changed things I didn't agree with-- most obviously the low stats for important supporting characters like Lois Lane.
I do NOT have an INT of 3!

Third, I am updating the characters to what I read of them and see of them in my expansive collection of comics, which spans about 25 years' worth of issues and graphic novels/trade paperbacks from DC, Marvel, Image, Darkhorse, and Manga. For example, I reread issues 1-80 for my JLA write ups, along with DC 1,000,000, JLA: Earth 2, JLA: League of One, JLA: Heaven's Ladder, and JLA: Midsummer's Nightmare. I altered the write ups according to what I saw there. However, it is the miniseries Justice, by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger that acted as the most immediate influence on which characters I chose to write up, especially the bad guys.
          I also like to throw in the occasional nod to a great movie or TV show, like Smallville, the DCU Animated Universe, and Superman Returns (the most underrated superhero film in history).

We beat Mageddon and Solaris, but Jean Loring can outsmart us?
Wha- huh?

Finally, nothing is written in stone on this blog, I am constantly trying to improve my house rules and my write ups, so I do lots of revisions. (For example, I revised this introduction about a week after I wrote it!) This means, that if I get a write up wrong, or I find new information on a character, I am very open to changing it. I am also open to suggestions and requests. Just be polite and tell me why I'm wrong, and I'll fix the problem if you convince me I should. 

So. Much. Awesome.
Finally, remember- this is a game. What I have presented here is my game and the characters I want in it and how I want them to be in it. Out there at your gaming table, it is your game. You can ignore the rainbow-colored ring-glut out of what I have done here and do your own thing.

Oh-- and if you want to know where to find a character's official Mayfair write up, let me know. I created an exhaustive index of the sourcebooks for 2nd and 3rd editions.

Find this comic and read it NOW.

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