Friday, December 13, 2013

Self Link Revision

Self-Link Revision!

The following powers may be Self-Linked in addition to those listed on pg. 74 of the 3rd edition rulebook:
PHYSICAL: Glue, Heat Vision, Magma, Sand Blast, Snare, Sonic Beam, Super Breath, and Water Jet
MENTAL: Virtual Projection
MYSTICAL:  Mystic Fire, Swarm

Powers that are Power Linked to Self-Linked powers only function when the character has his Self-Link power activated. If the Self-Linked power is Always On, then the Power Link Bonus offers no FC Bonus.

Attack Powers: (Glue, Heat Vision, Magma, Mystic Fire, Sand Blast, Snare, Sonic Beam, Swarm, Super Breath, and Water Jet). As a living being formed of the power, the character may add his APs of Self-Linked power to his RV when attacked by the same power.
               When purchasing the power separately to have it at a range, the character receives a -1 FC to the separate power. This can be increased with Power Link to -2 FC (and usually is). Characters may also purchase Dispersal Power Linked to their Self-Link power at -2 FC.

Virtual Projection: The character becomes a disembodied entity existing only in the VR world and having no physical body. He cannot be physically or mystically attacked except by other Virtual Projecting characters. He cannot make such attacks, either.

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