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New Limitations

New Limitations!

Attrition (-1, -2, or -3 FC)
               This power diminishes with use. Each time it is used or activated, it loses 1 AP until it reaches 0. It recovers by 1 AP for each phase that passes in which it is not used. Hero points cannot offset this loss.
The power functions at it reduced APs of power even for purposes of Hero Point application. For example, if the power normally has 10 APs and is reduced through attrition to 6 APs, a maximum of 6 HPs can be applied to it.
Alternately, the power could be recharged by another item by dropping the FC to -1. In this case, touching the recharge item and spending an entire phase doing nothing else restores all lost APs of the power. However, the power cannot be recovered except by touching the recharge item, so if the item is inaccessible, the power remains at 0 APs.
For -3 FC, the lost APs must be Recovered and cannot be regained through Last Ditch Defense. Recovery Rolls may be made for it even if it is not at 0.
Cybernetic (-2 FC)
         With this limitation, the ability is actually a cybernetic implant. Cybernetics can be targeted and damaged with Trick Shots like any Gadget. Damage to a cybernetic implant is reflected by subtracting the RAPs of the attack from the implant’s APs of power, skill, or attribute. This does make the implant less effective as it takes damage. The lost APs must be repaired as if they were damage to a Gadget, but may require the Genius advantage. A character can repair his own implants, but suffers a +1 CS when doing so. If the implant is reduced to negative APs, then it is destroyed and needs to be replaced.
               A player who wishes his character to have cybernetically enhanced attributes or skills should take the Power Reserve power with this limitation.

Defensive Adaptation (-2 FC)
          This limitation can be used on any sort of protection power, like Skin Armor or Force Field. The first time the user is attacked by any new form of attack, his defensive power functions with a -2 CS to OV/RV. After that, it adapts to the attack and functions normally.

Extra Time (-1 FC)
          A power with this limitation requires extra time to use. It may need to be charged up, a summoning of self confidence, require incantations, require acceleration, or need elaborate gestures. In any case, it is the only action the character may perform in a phase, whether it is a dice action or automatic action.

Full Force (-1 FC)
          With this limitation, a power can only be used at full EV. Normally, most powers can be used at any EV desired.

Lack of Control (-2 FC)
          With this limitation, the character’s control over the power is inconsistent. Every time he uses it, he must first make a control roll using the APs of power as AV/EV and OV/RV (requiring an 11 for success) as an automatic action. The RAPs of this roll are the APs of power the character can use, up to a maximum of twice the APs of power. However, the power cannot be Pushed, used with any Combat Maneuvers or Going for Broke, and HPs cannot be used to increase it. The control roll can be modified by HPs. On the roll of double ones on the control roll, the character loses control of his power altogether. The effects of this are up to the GM, but could include backfiring, burnout, explosions, or even the power becoming always on for a few phases.

No AV (-1 FC)
          This limitation restricts a power that normally functions as AV and EV to only function as EV for its uses. The AV of the power will be the AV/OV Attribute of its category (Physical, Mental, or Mystical). Most Gadgets with ranged attack powers have this limitation.

No Knockback (-1 FC)
            Use of an attack power with this limitation never causes Knockback and cannot be used with the Planned Knockback combat maneuver.


No Short Range (-1 FC)
          This limitation causes a power with Normal or greater range to have no short range. This could be used to simulate an attack that must speed up to be effective, one that does not originate with the character (like a lightning bolt called down from the sky), or one that arches overhead like a mortar. This power cannot be used in melee combat at all. At any range of half the APs of power or less, it suffers a +2 CS to OV/RV due to its inaccuracy. 

Painful (-1 FC)
          This power is painful to use, causing Bashing damage to keep it functioning. It can only be applied to a power that normally functions as an Automatic Action. It cannot be applied to a power that is Fatiguing. With this limitation, the power automatically attacks the character after 4 APs (1 minute) of continuous use. The APs of power act as AV/EV and the character’s WILL/MIND are OV/RV. RAPs are bashing MIND damage.

Power Link (-1 FC)
               Many characters with powers actually have only one power that can be used in a variety of ways. To reflect this, players can use the Power Link. Linking a power to another power reduces its FC by 1. This is a permanent reduction and even applies when improving characters.
               When linking powers to other powers, it is not necessary to purchase the same number of APs in the linked power as in the linking power. More or fewer can be purchased. However, after character creation when raising a power that is linked, the player must also increase every other power that is linked by the same amount. For example, if a player has Flame Being of 10, with Flame Project of 5 and Flight of 12 linked to it and he wishes to increase his Flame Project by 2 APs, he would also have to raise his Flame Being and Flight by 2 APs each, so that his scores would read Flame Being 12, Flame Project 7, and Flight 14.
               Linking a power indicates that it is based on the power to which it is linked. This means that anything that impacts the linking power likewise affects all powers linked to it. Thus, powers like Mimic, Neutralize, Adaptation, and Power Drain impact linked powers much more than others. For example, if the above character’s Flame Being is Neutralized, then all the powers linked to it are likewise affected. However, the attacking character in that case needs only to neutralize Flame Being. Vulnerabilities that affect the linking power work in a similar fashion. On the plus side, anything that temporarily boosts the linking ability, such as Enchantment, Mutation, or Power Reserve, also increases all powers linked to it. In short, if the linking power is altered in any way, up or down, it has an effect on all powers linked to it.

Linking to Skills: In comics, some skills (especially Martial Arts and Occultist) can be honed to such a degree that they allow the character to possess powers. This is simulated by this Limitation, functioning as described above. However, before any power can be linked to a skill, the character must possess a nearly superhuman level in the skill- 11 APs or more.


Reduced Range (-1 or -2 FC)
The power with this limitation has a shorter than Normal Range. For -1 FC, the range is -1 AP less than the APs of power. For -2 FC, the range is -2 APs less than the APs of power. 

Requires Concentration (-1 or -3 FC)
               A power with this limitation requires the user to focus on the use of the power to keep it active. This can only be applied to a power that normally functions as an Automatic Action. For a -1 FC bonus, the power consumes a dice action when it is first activated and every 4 APs (1 minute) of time afterward. For a -3 FC bonus, the power is always treated as a dice action. Note that despite the fact that the power consumes a character’s dice action, no roll is actually required.

Time Limit (-1, -2, or -3 FC)

               A power with this limitation only remains active for a short period of time before it automatically burns out. It powers up as an automatic action and remains usable by the character for a time in APs. Once the time has passed, the power drops to 0 and must be recovered normally. If the time is 10 APs (one hour) the limitation is worth -3 FC. If it is 15 APs (one day) it is worth -2 FC. If the power can be recharged by another item, then the FC bonus is reduced by 1. In this case, touching the recharge item and spending an automatic action restores all lost APs of the power. However, the power cannot be recovered except by touching the recharge item, so if the item is inaccessible, the power remains at 0 APs.

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