Monday, December 9, 2013

New Bonuses

New Bonuses!

Contagious Effect (+4 FC)
          This bonus causes the power’s effects to be spread by touch from target to target. The initial attack on a defender is handled normally. RAPs less than the defender's RV mean that the defender is infected, but not consumed. RAPs equal to or greater than the defender's RV mean the character is consumed. Multiple attacks can be used to achieve cumulative RAPs, but RAPs healed are still healed and must be earned again once removed. A consumed character gains the attacking power at APs equal to the RAPs of the attack- thus, the power has now infected the target. Once imbued with the power, the defender's power is also contagious and anyone he attacks will also become infected.

Continuous (+2 or +3 FC)
            This bonus allows an automatic power to continuously work without any concentration from the user. Typically using an automatic action, except for a protection power, costs an automatic action every phase. With this +2 FC bonus, it will continue to work for a number of phases equal to the APs of power after it has been activated. For an extra +1 FC, the power will continue even if the character is knocked out, enduring until its time expires. For a +2 FC this can be purchased for a protection power, allowing it function even after the character is unconscious for a number of phases equal to the APs of power.

Extended Range (+1 or +2 FC)
The power with this bonus has a longer than Normal Range. For +1 FC, the range is +1 AP more than the APs of power. For +2 FC, the range is +2 APs more than the APs of power. 

Explosive Radius (+1, +2, or +3 FC)
               This bonus causes a ranged attack power to function similarly to the Bomb power. It explodes outward in every direction from ground zero, extending to a range of half the power’s APs (round down). It attacks all targets within range separately and with no Multi-Attack penalties. It loses 2 APs of EV for every 1 AP of distance outward it travels. It may also be purchased as a Controllable Blast Radius for an additional +1 FC, allowing the user to choose the maximum range of the blast, up to half his APs of power.  For an additional +1 FC, the maximum range is increased to APs of power (instead of half APs).

Gas Effect (+3 FC)
          This bonus allows the user’s power to roll outward like a fog or gas. It covers a circular area in APs equal to the APs of power to a height of 0 APs, with the user at the exact center. Alternately, indoors it fills a volume in APs equal to the APs of power. Within the gas, everyone is attacked by the power with no Multi-Attack penalties. The gas also obscures vision, causing all attacks within, out of, or into its area to suffer a +2 CS to OV. It moves with the character as long as he does not move faster than the APs of the power, and it can be instantly dissipated by any wind or volume of air moving at more APs than the APs of power.

Non-Lethal (+1 FC)
              This bonus allows a power that is otherwise lethal to be used as Bashing damage, avoiding the Killing Combat penalty. It can be used in the design of weapons to prevent them from being automatically Killing Combat.

Targeting (+1 FC)

          This bonus allows a power that normally functions only as EV to also function as AV for its uses. The APs of the power are the AV of its use.

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