Monday, December 16, 2013

Introduction to Gadgets!

Futurist's Guide to Gadgets!
Volume 1!


 DC Heroes' rules for gadgets have undergone more official revisions than any other set of rules in the entire game. First edition had its rules and then, the Hardware Handbook completely overhauled those rules. Second Edition and the Batman Roleplaying Game tossed most of that and presented fresh rules, which were then slightly edited for Third Edition and the again slightly re-edited in the DC Technical Manual... 

And yet there were still inconsistencies with the presentation of the stats of gadgets and the rules for using them. Why did STR have no impact on the damage a melee weapon causes? What did a shield actually do since it was only somewhat useful for blocking? How exactly did one use a gun to cause bashing damage? Did an italicized BODY replace the character's BODY even against gas attacks and fire? Why did guns and swords have EV and flame throwers have Flame Project?
        Even a die hard fan like myself could see that the rules needed some attention. Thus, the rules in the following posts were born!

I have always thought the construction rules to be fine, so I left them as they were, defaulting to the Third Edition rulebook. Instead, I focused on how the gadgets acted in the game. I sought to clarify the rules to use gadgets and how gadgets were written up. I tried to make the user's skill count for more and make gadgets act like their comic book and real world counterparts. I added a lot of examples and details in hopes of smoothing rough edges. I even revised my revisions a number of times, tinkering and editing, attempting to create as close to perfect a look at gadgets as I could manage. All the while, I worked to keep things compatible with earlier editions.
          I hope that I accomplished some, if not all, of these goals.