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Game Mastermind's Manual!
Volume 4!

Some of the best comics ever written involve heroes an villains lost in alternate realities. Whether these realities are the result of tampering with time, such as The Age of Apocalypse or JLA: The Nail, alternate realities, such as Gotham by Gaslight or Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, event company crossovers like JLA/Avengers or DC vs Marvel,  or travel to alternate Earths, as seen in JLA: Earth 2 and Superman: The Dominus Effect, alternate realities are one of the best things about comics. At DC these alternate realities are known as Hypertime

Generally, the travel to an alternate reality is a plot for the GM to create. When doing so, he will decide what conditions need to be met in order to return to the characters’ native universe. However, there are times when a character- almost universally a villain- has the power to travel through or banish others to these alternate realities.
To travel through Hypertime, a character must possess both Time Travel (or Continuum Control) and Dimension Travel- or use Omni Power, Occultist, or Sorcery to imitate the powers. Each time he travels, he must make a roll for both powers (used to manipulate Hypertime this way is a Dice Action for Time Travel). He can also Summon and Banish others to these alternate realities (as described in the Dimension Travel power). The Difficulty of travel attempts is based on the distance in Hypertime the reality is from the character’s native reality. The OV/RV Mod listed below is used for Summon and Banish attempts to bring characters from or send them to the alternate realities. The RAPs are the APs of time the character can stay in the alternate reality before he must return.
Reality                             Difficulty              OV/RV Mod
              Alternate Time Line               10                           +3
Alternate Earth                      12                           +4
Alternate Universe                 15                           +5
               If the character succeeds at one roll but not the other, he has become lost in time and space. If he fails the Time Travel roll, he falls into a random dimension. The GM can choose one he likes or roll 1D10 to determine the Travel Difficulty and pick a dimension that matches.
If he fails the Dimension Travel roll, he travels through time an amount of APs equal to his APs of power plus 2D10. If the dice roll is even, he travels forward through time. If it rolls odd, he travels backwards.  
The failed roll also causes the character’s power to Burn Out, so he is stuck until it is recovered. After that, he must wait APs of time equal to the RAPs of the roll before trying to return.

When Banishing a character, use the same rules above, with the Banished character being the one who is lost. When a Banished character is lost, he stays lost APs of time equal to the RAPs of the roll before automatically returning.
          When Summoning a character, the same rules apply as Banishing, but the character summoned is also random. If the dice roll of the attempt was even, the character is an ally to the summoner. If the roll is odd, the summoned character is an enemy. 

A character with the Warp Reality bonus and Time Travel can use the power to summon pockets of hypertime into existence. The reality war here can not only create areas of alternate dimensions, but they can create areas of alternate time as well. They can even create entirely new realms of reality by fusing universes, dimensions, and times.

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