Sunday, December 22, 2013


Futurist's Guide to Gadgets!
Volume 7!

From Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde to Hour Man and Bane, characters in comics and fiction have used chemicals to extraordinary effect. Chemicals are designed like any other gadget with a few notes.

*Chemical gadgets almost never have a BODY. To destroy one, the typical tactic is to destroy whatever is containing the gadget.

*Before they are used, all chemicals can be taken away in combat. However, after they are used, they cannot. When creating a chemical gadget, always use the Gadget Bonus for a gadget that cannot be taken away in combat (divide the HP cost by two).

*You cannot Draw Plans for chemicals.

*The Genius advantage is required to create chemicals. The exception to this is the creation of more mundane substances such as poisons, medicines, and drugs.

*Chemicals can be used as Omni-Gadgets, representing a character who spent time creating them ahead of time. However, they must be stored in something and carried around.

*Chemicals never have a Reliability number, meaning that all abilities have their FC increased by 3.

*Chemical gadgets that have limited doses should be given the Power Burnout limitation, applied to all abilities. When the gadget burns out, it must be recreated through the gadget-building process. As a more realistic option, the gadget can be created with the Ammo limitation.

*Chemical gadgets that have time limits should be given the Time Limit limitation, applied to all abilities. When the gadget times out, it must be used again. It takes a full phase for a chemical gadget’s abilities to activate.

*Chemicals can have both a Power Burnout and a Time Limit.

*Mystical chemicals are called potions. A character must possess the Ritual Discipline: Alchemy advantage to create them. Any non-mystical powers used for a potion must be Mystic Linked.

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