Monday, December 23, 2013


Futurist's Guide to Gadgets!
Volume 8!

In most ways, Artifacts are exactly like Gadgets. But Artifacts can have two unusual qualities that Gadgets can’t: Geas and Sentience.

An Artifact with a Geas will only work for certain people or if certain conditions are met. The effects of this are highly variable and should be defined by the player and GM when the artifact is created. It can be an advantage or a drawback
For example, Thor’s hammer has a Geas that only the honorable can lift it. To anyone else, it simply cannot be picked up. What defines an honorable character is largely up to the GM, though the Norse idea of honor should be used as a starting point.
Another example is Warlord’s sword, which must draw blood every time it is drawn. This means it must do at least one RAP of Killing Combat damage. Failing to do so has the result that the sword attacks its wielder with its APs of Claws as AV/EV. It will continue to do so every phase until it draws blood. This is even Killing Damage!
  A Geas can be a Miscellaneous Advantage, as with Thor’s hammer, or a Miscellaneous Drawback, as with Warlord’s sword. Either way, it is usually worth 50 HPs.


An Artifact with Sentience has a will of its own and the character must overcome it to use the item. Sentient Artifacts have INFL, AURA, and SPIRIT. The character using one must earn one or more RAPs on a dice action against the Artifact’s attributes. The AV/EV of the roll is the character’s INFL/AURA or Charisma skill. The OV/RV is the Artifact’s INFL/SPIRIT. If successful, the character can use the Artifact and its powers for a time. If not, the Artifact behaves as if it has no powers at all. If the dice action fails with double 1’s, the Artifact counter attacks, using its INFL/AURA as AV/EV against the character’s INFL/SPIRIT as OV/RV. If the Artifact has other powers, such as Control or Flame Being, it may use those against the character instead. Once its attack is resolved, it is content to be a perfectly normal, non-powered version of itself until the next day.

 Sentience is a 25 HP drawback if the overcome roll only needs to be made once as long as the character possesses the artifact. It is a 50 HP drawback if it must be overcome once per day (15 APs).

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