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Futurist's Guide to Gadgets!
Volume 3!

Armor has been restructured in similar fashion to weapons. It no longer uses an italicized BODY to reflect its protective qualities. Just as every weapon now has an attack power, every type of armor makes use of a defensive power- usually Skin Armor or Force Shield.

The BODY of a suit of armor is usually equal to the APs of BODY of the material it is made from, modified by the size. Use the same table as used for Walls. For Armor, the full APs of BODY indicate a full suit of armor that covers the entire body of the wearer. Subtract 1 AP for a suit of armor that only covers half the wearer’s body. Subtract 2 APs for shields and small armors like armored sleeves. Subtract 3 APs for helmets, bracers, bikinis, and gauntlets.

Armor that offers greater protection against a greater variety of attacks should choose the powers that offer that protection: Sealed Systems offers protection against most environmental hazards, especially airborne one, Cold and Flame Immunity offer protection against extreme temperatures, ice, and fire, Energy Absorption protects against energy and radiation attacks, and Shade and Sound Nullify protect against sensory attacks.
RAPs of damage are applied to the wearer unless the attacker was specifically targeting the armor with the intention of hitting it. In this case, RAPs of damage are applied to the armor.

Most armor is cumbersome and inflicts an Initiative penalty on the wearer. This counts as a Miscellaneous Drawback that offers 10 HPs per -1 Initiative, to a maximum of 50 HPs.

OPTIONAL: As a more realistic option for armor, RAPs sustained from an attack are not all applied to the wearer as damage. Instead, RAPs are divided evenly and applied half as damage to the wearer and half as damage to the armor.

Power Armor: Powered Armor has been popular since Heinlein’s Starship Troopers and is very common in comics. Characters like Rocket Red, Booster Gold, Iron Man, and War Machine would be ordinary guys without their armor. This armor is always full body with very few weak spots, extremely agile and strong, and possessing many powers.
 Powered armor has italicized attributes for DEX, STR, and BODY because its protection is complete against all forms of attack and monitored by computer. It wll have internal computer systems, giving it mental attributes, but these are only italicized if the suit is capable of acting on its own. If it has a link to a computer system, like Iron Man’s armor in the films, it will have either the Split power, indicating a full slave/master interface or Radio Communications, indicating a link via wireless communications. Most power armors also have many powers and skills, like any Gadget would, that the user can use as his own. Characters in powered armor may still make use of all of their skills. However, physical skills like Martial Arts or Weaponry are limited to the armor’s APs of DEX.
The R# of powered armor acts as energy consumption. Any failing reliability roll means the armor has run out of power and needs to be recharged. Many suits of powered armor will have the Energy Absorption power as a means to recharge in these emergencies. When out of charge, this and the armor’s Sealed Systems will usually be the only working systems. The BODY of the armor still substitutes even if out of charge, as long as the character is wearing the suit. However, the armor’s DEX and STR are inoperable, meaning that the character must use his own attributes, which may be impossible depending upon the weight and flexibility of the armor.
If the armor’s resistance to a particular type of damage is greater than its BODY would otherwise indicate, then a protection power should be utilized to reflect this. If it is particularly vulnerable to a specific attack type, then an Attack Vulnerability should be used.

Psychic Armor: Armor that protects a wearer from psychic attack should have the Iron Will power.
Magical Armor: Armor that is created as an artifact is common throughout comics and fantasy. This armor is magical but only protects against physical damage. To reflect this, the armor’s Skin Armor should be mystic linked (adding 15 HPs to its cost). Magic Armor that offers full protection against all forms of damage would have the appropriate powers, each with a Mystic Link. To protect against mystical attacks, the armor would require the Magic Resistance power.

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